Photo of unique franchise owner Angela Studdard on ABC 33/40

With college students returning to Birmingham for school in the coming weeks, Angela Studdard discusses how local businesses can take advantage of her unique franchise concept to connect with college students and grow their business.

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"You have to understand who your college student is and where they are. Most college students nowadays are on social media. So you really want to use social media to engage those college students.. And with your social media, make sure that you have some posts that really tell your story and introduce them to your brand and who you are. And once they get in the door, it's really important for you to hook them. You want to make sure their experience is good."
-Angela Studdard, Welcomemat Franchise Owner- Birmingham, AL

With Welcomemat's new revenue streams, such as social media management, email marketing and proprietary perfect match postcards, Angela is able to provide her clients with an innovative and omnichannel approach to their marketing needs and continue to bring even more new loyal customers into their store.

Learn more about Angela's unique franchise and how she helps clients like Michael's Steak and Seafood in Homewood, The Market Table in Homewood and New York Butcher Shoppe in Vestavia reach new residents and help them become loyal customers.

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