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With many great B2B franchises to choose from, it was ultimately Welcomemat's turnkey franchise model and intelligent local marketing solutions that inspired Grapevine resident and previous pharma sales rep Laura Kupcunas to start a business in Texas.

Learn more about what inspired Laura to take the plunge to business ownership and start a business in Grapevine, Texas in her recent interview:

Can you tell me more about your background?
After graduating from Louisiana State University, I started my career in retail and worked for several department stores in management and then as a buyer. After my career in retail, I got into pharmaceutical sales for 20 years where I lived in Lafayette, LA for seven of those years. I moved to New Orleans for a hospital position but I was only in New Orleans for a brief time due to Hurricane Katrina. My house was flooded and my entire territory was gone. As a result of the hurricane, I relocated to the Dallas-Fort Worth area in 2005.  I continued in a hospital position in DFW until 2018.

How did you find out about Welcomemat Services?
After 20 years in pharmaceuticals, I was ready for a change and always thought of owning my own business. I have a strong background in sales and wanted a job that had an emphasis on the sales side. I worked with Sara Waskow who is a FranNet Consultant and she told me about marketing franchise Welcomemat Services. I thought this could be a great opportunity as I wanted to get more involved with the community and local businesses. I met with Brian and Michelle Mattingly and I was impressed by all the data that went into the business. They were really strong with social media and web design too.

Before becoming a franchisee, did you have any specific perceptions of what franchising would be like?
I wanted to start a business but needed guidance. As a franchisee, I was looking for the help and assistance from the franchisor along with a turnkey business model.

What makes Grapevine, TX and DFW the perfect market for Welcomemat Services?
The DFW market is growing so much as it continues to be one of the fastest growing areas in the entire country. There are a lot of local businesses especially in Grapevine which is what made Grapevine a great fit for Welcomemat. With the amount of new movers, it’s becoming more established and people want to support their local businesses.

Have you signed any local businesses yet?
I've already signed a local pizza place Italian Crust that’s in Colleyville and I am working on signing with a car wash and another pizza restaurant in the area. 

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Looking to start a business in Texas? Welcomemat still has many open territories in Dallas-Fort Worth, Houston and all major markets across the state!

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