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Roseville, CA native John Alway has opened a Welcomemat in his hometown, a turnkey marketing franchise that will serve local business owners by introducing them to new repeat customers.

Photo of franchise owner John Alway

John Alway, Welcomemat Franchisee

Opening Date: October 23, 2017

John’s Background:

John worked as a chemical engineer in manufacturing personal care beauty products in leadership roles of increasing responsibility over the past 29 years. Having moved quite a bit in his career as a chemical engineer, Alway had experienced his share of stress when relocating to a new neighborhood. A career transition presented itself and John decided to put his expertise when it comes to moving to use by becoming a Franchisee of Welcomemat Services

Why Welcomemat?:

“I was looking for a change and selected Welcomemat Services because their service builds community by helping new movers find quality businesses and by helping local business owners grow their business with loyal, repeat customers. I love meeting the local business owners, learning about their business, and if appropriate for their business, sharing the Welcomemat Services.”

-John Alway, Welcomemat Franchisee

What makes Sacramento a great location for John’s Welcomemat Franchise? 

John grew up in Roseville and feels that his hometown community and surrounding Sacramento areas are the perfect grounds for a Welcomemat Services.

Discover how John can help your business grow in the greater Sacramento area:
Phone: (916) 622-1499

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