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After over 17 years of successful sales careers, Leon Brownlee teamed up with an experienced career coach and determined that investing in a turnkey Welcomemat franchise was the clear fit for him.

Opening Date: February 2018

Learn More About Leon Brownlee of Chesterfield, VA:

Born and raised in Tennessee, Leon Brownlee and his wife Kirsten moved around a bit for their careers and ultimately settled in Chesterfield, VA in 2005. Prior to starting his turnkey Welcomemat business, Leon held an established sales career in the Yellow Page industry. Leon, Kirsten and their three children are very active in their local Richmond community, and Leon is excited about helping local businesses directly connect with new families moving to the area with his Welcomemat business.

Why Welcomemat?:

“Welcomemat Services was the best fit. I love the message the brand implemented and that Welcomemat is a family-oriented company. I believe passionately in the value of a local business being able to directly connect with new families moving to the area and provide them with an exceptional first time customer experience.”
-Leon Brownlee, Welcomemat Services Richmond

How will Leon’s Welcomemat Services help local business in the Chesterfield and South Richmond area?
Leon will provide local Chesterfield and Richmond businesses access to powerful data-driven marketing solutions at a cost that makes sense for small business through his years of industry experience and the Welcomemat Services platform.

Learn more about Welcomemat Services Richmond!
Phone: 804-380-9863
Website: Welcomemat Richmond

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