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From coaching a national basketball team to managing global teams at a business solutions company, Von Ceromain is certainly a multitalented individual. When Von began looking at franchise opportunities, he knew that starting a data-driven marketing franchise was the right move for his family.

Opening Date: September 2018

Learn more about Von and Tiffany: Von and Tiffany moved to Atlanta in 2015 from the DC area after deciding they wanted a better balance between work and family life. Von and Tiffany love being a part of their local community and spending time with their 5-year old son who just entered kindergarten this year. After a career transition from a long-term management position with a business solutions company, Von began working with a franchise consultant seeking an opportunity that would allow him to build something of his own in their local community.

Why Welcomemat?:

"What stood out to me about Welcomemat Services was the data driven aspect of the business and the value added to small businesses. I was once a new mover and know how valuable local businesses are and see the value of connecting small local businesses to their community."

-Von Ceromain, Welcomemat Owner- Smyrna, GA

Why Smyrna, GA is the perfect market for a new Welcomemat franchise:

"The Atlanta market is growing and there is a lot of local businesses to work with. My wife and I kept finding local restaurants after we settled in and didn’t know these excellent local businesses existed until we found them on our own. Welcomemat Services presents an opportunity to solve this problem for new movers. It is an opportunity for local businesses to grow their loyal customers."

-Von Ceromain

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