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It's no secret that the digital age and changing regulations in the pharmaceutical industry have sparked monumental shifts in the role of today's pharma sales reps.

Some of the top reasons for the significant decline in the number pharma sales reps since 2008 include restrictions on how much time doctors can spend with pharma reps, an excess of digital marketing material and education for physicians and fierce competition for "rep-accessible" physicians. According to ZS’s 2016 AffinityMonitor™ and AccessMonitor™ study, the percentage of accessible physicians had decreased from 80% in 2008 to 44% in 2006. These transitions have led many pharmaceutical sales reps to seek new career paths.

Luckily, there are plenty of career alternatives that cater to the dynamic skillset of a pharmaceutical sales rep.

When evaluating the top strengths held by pharma sales reps, one of the top options that shines through is investing in a low cost B2B franchise. These service-based franchise concepts involve a high-degree of customer interaction, which is a quality that hits home for many pharma sales reps seeking business-ownership opportunities.

Welcomemat Services' recent opening in Grapevine, TX is a perfect example of why investing in a low cost B2B franchise is a top alternative for pharma sales reps.

Photo of Laura with some of Welcomemat team
Photo of Grapevine, TX Franchisee Laura with several Welcomemat team members after completion of her initial training week at the corporate headquarters in Atlanta, GA.

Laura was ready to exit the pharma sales industry and embark on a new career path. When Laura began working with a franchise consultant, she was thrilled to discover so many low cost franchise opportunities that would allow her to utilize her strengths in building relationships and setting and achieving goals for the benefit of her own business instead someone else's.

Initially, Welcomemat Services stuck out to Laura for the recurring revenue component of the business and the opportunity to build relationships with small business owners in her community. Coming from a successful sales background, Laura was very attracted to the value proposition of Welcomemat's new mover marketing program and additional revenue streams, including data-driven postcards and digital marketing offerings. She could really see how Welcomemat's data-driven marketing offerings help local businesses grow and gain new, repeat customers.

After spending a day in the field with a nearby franchisee, Laura knew Welcomemat was the perfect franchise opportunity for her. She absolutely loved meeting with local business owners and seeing first-hand how Welcomemat helps their business grow in the community.

Seeking a career transition from the pharmaceutical sales industry or want the opportunity to be your own boss without having to reinvent the wheel?

Learn if our low cost franchise opportunity could be the right fit for you:


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