Franchise Award Process

We believe the success of all businesses revolve around the strength of the brand, the unit and financial growth, and above all else, the PEOPLE.

We’ve developed a 6-step process that allows us to get to know each other on many levels to decide if the Welcomemat opportunity is a good fit for both parties. In this evaluation and award process, you will gain an in-depth look at our business, the people and the culture that embodies each of our core values.

1. Introduction Call with our CEO

Our introduction call is held in a group webinar format with our CEO Brian. Joining the call is a great way to learn more about our brand, history, the Welcomemat platform, benefits to franchisees, and whether our franchise opportunity could be a good fit for you.

2. Unit Economics Call

After completing our quick Territory Discovery Form, we will schedule your Unit Economics call to begin reviewing FDD information including financials. We will use your location preferences from the Territory Discovery Form to begin creating your ideal territory map. In this call, financial data from the FDD coupled with the map will allow prospective candidates to begin to understand the mechanics that drive the finances of the Welcomemat business

3. Marketing, Training, and Support Call

You will learn about our initial franchise training week through our 6-month LAUNCHPAD program. We will also cover our comprehensive support systems and powerful lead generation and marketing tools.

4. Validation

In this stage of your discovery process, you will have the ability to speak with a few of our wonderful franchisees. This is a wonderful opportunity to speak to Welcomemat franchise owners about their experience in the Welcomemat franchise system. As part of the validation process Welcomemat franchisees will also learn more about you and provide feedback to the home office as part of the award process.

5. Discovery Day

Attending a discovery day in Atlanta gives you a chance to meet the team, understand the corporate culture and get under the hood looking at support systems, software, etc. You will also meet with the Welcomemat leadership team and gain a better understanding of company vision, goals, and future developments for the Welcomemat brand.

6. Award Committee

Following discovery day, we aim to make a mutual decision regarding an award within three days.

Cartoon of webinar computer screen with two speech bubbles

Intro Call

During the introductory webinar with Welcomemat’s CEO, you’ll learn about the history of the brand, where Welcomemat Services fits in the marketplace, and specific information about the franchise. This initial call will help you determine if you want to learn more about the Welcomemat opportunity, and next steps are laid out for beginning the Welcomemat discovery process.