Photo of advertising franchise founders Brian and Michele Mattingly

January 26th is National Spouses Day! While many might think going into business with their better half would never end well, Brian and Michelle Mattingly took a leap of faith and decided to start Welcomemat Services together in 2003

Prior to founding Welcomemat Services, Brian was traveling the country working for a large software company handling many Fortune 1000 accounts and saw a need for small businesses to gain access to “big-data” technology to stay competitive. So, at a time when the couple had a four-year old daughter and a six-month old daughter at home, Brian approached Michelle with an idea and asked her to think about starting a business together.

Although it was a risky time for the couple, Brian and Michelle went out in the neighborhood with their idea. “After a day of going out and meeting local business owners, Michelle came home with five accounts and I came home with one. And I had been in direct sales and Michelle hadn’t. I think at that point we knew that we had something,” said Brian.

Brian and Michelle were very grateful to have each other when they were starting a business on their own, doing everything from their home. Shortly after Welcomemat’s beginnings, publications started recognizing what a terrific product Welcomemat had and phones started ringing. The company moved to a small office space in 2005 and ultimately saw an opportunity to take their proven business model to the next level by franchising in 2011. “Local ownership was important to us. “We also knew we had a model that offered a great opportunity for entrepreneurs to leverage. Helping others was always a core focus at Welcomemat and the opportunity to help others start businesses was inline with our values,“ said Mattingly.

With the core Welcomemat program and now additional tools developed from the Welcomemat patented data tracking, each Welcomemat franchisees runs a local marketing agency and offers big business solutions as the local level.

And Brian and Michelle are not the only successful spouse combo at Welcomemat Services! Welcomemat’s franchise business model is an excellent concept for couples looking to start a digital marketing agency together. In 2017, Welcomemat was thrilled to partner with two dynamic new franchisee duos: Ralph and Felice Ehrman of Naperville, IL and Joe and Kathleen Borne of Union, KY.

Ralph and Felice Ehrman are a talented and energetic duo, whose unique and varying skillsets were a perfect match for being the first Welcomemat franchisees to enter the Chicago market. Ralph and Felice first found out about Welcomemat Services when the company made the Entrepreneur 500 list as a top franchise with low startup costs and learned that Welcomemat fit their desires to work with and give back to the community. Ralph and Felice built a strong business foundation during their first year in the field, and the couple will continue to grow and expand their business together this year.

photo of advertising franchise owners Ralph and Felice Ehrman

Joe and Kathleen Borne completed their training in August 2017 and raced to score a Welcomemat Services “Golden Slam” by introducing 15 new clients to Welcomemat’s renowned new mover marketing program to help them gain new loyal customers. Joe and Kathleen are a powerful pairing who were thrilled for the opportunity to start an advertising franchise together in their local community of Northern Kentucky. Along with a prosperous start to their new Welcomemat business, the couple also welcomed a new baby boy to their family in December.

photo of advertising franchise owners Joe and Kathleen Borne

What a wonderful year it was for these Welcomemat spouses!

Brian and Michelle Mattingly have always shared a vision of long term growth, and Brian noted, “there are a lot of amazing things that Welcomemat will keep building for our team as this brand continues to grow and expand across the nation.”

Learn more about the Welcomemat Services franchise opportunity and whether owning an advertising franchise with low startup costs and high margins is right for your family!

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